8/3/2018 Friday 8-12:00am Alovitiman with Beats Antique Midtown Ballroom Bend, OR
9/15/2018 Saturday 2:00-5:00pm Alovitiman Maragas Winery Culver, OR
9/26/2018 Wednesday 6:00-12:00am Alovitiman - Benefit for Boggy J&J Bar and Grill Bend, OR
9/28/2018 Friday 9:15-10:00pm Alovitiman - El Sancho Stage Roots Revival Bend, OR
10/11/2018 Thursday 7-9pm Alovitiman Spoken Moto Bend, OR
12/1/2018 Saturday 8:30-1:00am Alovitiman with Diego's Umbrella Domino Room Bend, OR